Taramasalata 5/31/2017

Taramasalata 5/31/2017


12 ounces tarama,(Salted Carp Roe Paste)

1 quart grapeseed or vegetable oil

5 ounces bottled lemon juice (Real brand)

7 ounces whole almonds, soaked in cold water overnight, blanched and peeled

2 pounds Idaho potatoes, 90 count, boiled skin-on, peeled and chilled down

7 ounces yellow onions, peeled and cut into thirds

6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

4 ounces seltzer water


Using a standing mixer outfitted with a paddle, put the tarama in the mixing bowl. Run the almonds, potatoes and onions through a meat grinder directly into the mixing bowl over the tarama. Place mixer on #2 speed. Little by little, add the grapeseed oil to incorporate. After about half the oil is incorporated dd the lemon juice and blend. Add the remaining oil until the consistency is thick. Fnish by adding the seltzer and running it on high speed for a brief second to lighten up the mixture.

The taramasalata will hold for two weeks.

Serve with black olives on top and fresh Naan bread.

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