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Welcome to Blades by Rick Moonen

“I have been a professional chef for over 35 years and have done hundreds of cooking demonstrations, lectures and events all over the globe. I have always travelled with the same basic set of tools wherever I’ve gone. They’ve always worked for me and now I want them to work for you. I present to you BLADES, designed after these knives to be practical and affordable. Ask yourself…why did you buy that last set of knives? So often, so many sets have 3-4 knives you never use. With this collection, it’s about functionality…each knife has multiple and frequent uses and collectively they can tackle almost every challenge you will meet in a kitchen.”

-Chef Moonen

8” Offset Serrated Knife:

The offset serrations in this knife’s scalloped edge produce exceptionally smooth, clean and precise cuts whether you’re slicing bread, roasted meat or delicate-skinned fruits and vegetables. Cut perfectly thin slices of ripe summer tomatoes with no tearing; And because the blade scallops never touch the cutting board, the knife retains its sharpness and does not require sharpening.

6” Chef’s Knife:

The most indispensable of knives, a chef’s knife is essential for preparing any meal, no matter how simple. Made with a full-tang blade for balance and strength, this knife is a favorite when it comes to chopping, dicing and slicing.